B.Sc (Hons)

University of Greenwich Certified B.Sc (Hons) in BIT
  • Year 0 - International Foundation Year

    Please refer to International Foundation Year (IFY) to know more details.

  • Year 1 - International Diploma in Computer in Studies

    Please refer to International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS) to know more details.

  • Year 2 - International Advanced Diploma in Computer in Studies

    Please refer to International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (IADCS) to know more details.

  • Final Year - B.Sc (Hons) in BIT
    • Overview

      This programme acts as the final year of the NCC Education IT Degree Journey, building on the knowledge and skills gained by holders of the International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (IADCS). This top-up degree programme gives you the theoretical practice and application skills of applying information technology in the real business environment.

      • Manage Information Systems constructively

      Learn how to effectively support the different functions of an organisation through its information systems.

      • Differentiate your eCommerce skills

      Analyse the processes and practices involved for conducting business on the internet whilst developing trusted systems for organisations and regulatory bodies.

      • Enhance your database design skills for employment

      Increase your knowledgebase for modelling techniques to develop databases within an organisation.

      • Enhance your research and development skills

      Prove you can both successfully research and create a development project that can be applied in the workplace or for postgraduate study.

    • Entry Requirements
      • NCC Education International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (IADCS), or equivalent qualification agreed in advance by the University of Greenwich and NCC Education
      • English language proficiency of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
    • Modules

      You will cover a range of modules including:

      • Database Design and Implementation
      • eCommerce
      • Information Systems Engineering
      • Information Systems Management
      • IT project and Quality Management
      • Rapid application development
      • Project
    • Assessment

      Assignment and examinations.

    • Learning Outcomes

      You will learn a range of theories for the practice and application of information technology (IT) in a modern business environment. The programme addresses contemporary issues in a range of subjects and the social implications of the development of computer systems. The programme develops the lifelong learning skills which are essential for IT professionals to ensure that their knowledge and skills are current.

      Successful students will be awarded a Bachelors degree from the University of Greenwich.

    • Academic Progression

      Provides entry into a wide range of IT careers including business analysis, systems design, database development, database administration and website development.

      Graduates are eligible to enter the NCC Education Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business IT, which offers progression onto MSc programmes offered by a number of universities.

      Graduates are qualified to apply for a wide range of postgraduate programmes with universities around the world.

    • Career Progression

      A variety of students have gone onto positions including IT infrastructure architecture, database development, business analysis, database administration and website development. This programme also allows you to progress to postgraduate study.

    • Tuition Fees

      Please refer to Tuition fees to know details about tution fees.

Programme Details
  • Credits per module

    6 modules of 15 + 1 module of 30

  • Modules per programme


  • Total credits


  • Duration

    1 year

  • Delivery method